Dying is not an abrupt end, It's a long process, which is made up of various phases. This begins with the degradation of metabolism and ends with the failure of all life-supporting organs.

The challenge

What do we know about dying? How does it work? How long does it actually take? Those are the questions we tried to explore. Everybody has a picture in their head of what it means. But what happens on a purely scientific and biological level? That's what we are trying to visualize and explain in this interactive exhibit.


By tackling such an expansive project, we had to do a lot of research into the topic and decide which aspects to focus on.


Since there are five phases in which the process of dying can be roughly subdivided, it was obvious to structure the information architecture in a linear narrative. So we decided to build the narrative form linear as well. In order to give the user the opportunity to discover the system in an explorative way, we developed side stories for each phase. These round off the content and also provide an optionally explorable user experience.


Choosing the right medium and format in which to depict the system was another challenge. In the course of the development and testing of variants, the idea of depicting the body in life-size arose in order to "mirror" the user in it and thus bind him emotionally more strongly to the system.

Gesture Control Ideation

The great advantage of gesture control is that no external device is required. In addition, it can be used intuitively after learning the gestures and does not distract from the content. To navigate through the system we have chosen simple gestures: A wipe gesture to the left or right to navigate back and forth. A wipe gesture up or down to open or close a side story. The open hand to control the cursor and the closed hand to select something. These gestures make all functions of the system easy to use.



Our concept was implemented as a prototype in Principle. This serves to illustrate the flow of the application and simulates our system in action. The layout designed in Sketch was filled with graphic content drawn in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.


3 months long Project during the 2nd Semester at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in the course "Interactive Communication Systems" with Corinna Hirt and Max Walter, supervised by Fabian Schröbel.